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LGBTQ+ Empowerment: Successful Case Studies Part 2

Besides Canada, South Africa, and Uruguay, countries in other continents have also advanced LGBTQ+ rights significantly. Inn our part 2, we would like to highlight three other countries that have elevated their LGBTQ+ communities’ statuses by a large degree. 1. Nepal: Pioneering Third Gender Recognition Nepal’s 2007 landmark decision by its Supreme Court mandated the …

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Welcome to Politicus A student-led platforms for youths to engage in global affairs and politics Politicus = Latin borrowed from Ancient Greek πολιτικός (politikós); corresponding to politiek + -icus Created by youth, for youth, Politicus is an open platform for young adults to learn and contribute to discussions of social justice, global affairs, and social science through …

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LGBTQ+ Empowerment: Successful Case Studies

The past few decades have witnessed significant strides in LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance in various parts of the world. Several countries have taken legislative, social, and educational measures to protect and uplift their LGBTQ+ populations. While 1. Canada: All-encompassing Human Rights Protection Canada is often cited as one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly countries globally, …

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